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Mission Team

For several years our Association's leadership has intentionally focused on some very important questions that shape our purpose and strategy as a network of churches. 

Because of the urgency and the opportunity to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we believe that the Knox County Association of Baptists is to be a network of churches living out God’s mission so that all people will be connected with Christ and His Church.

As KCAB moves forward in being a network of churches Living Out God’s Mission, this Mission Team will continue to develop opportunities that assist churches in living out the grace of the Gospel while sharing the Gospel of grace.

Prayer for Spiritual Awakening
We have emphasized prayer for our community and started several prayer groups. We can provide prayer workbooks "40 Days of Prayer" and also prayer cards for your church.  Please contact Bonita Wilson for these materials.

Ekklesia Missio dei-horizontal.png

We launched a Missional Learning Community, which is a practical Learning Community focused on learning and applying the principles of being on mission that our missionaries utilize on the field. Application is made as to how we can use these principles in our own communities and context. The book Tradecraft: For the Church on Mission is our guide for this Learning Community experience.
The Missional Learning Community is held on the 3rd Thursday of the month (June, July, December are off months) with one at 1:30 pm and
one at 6:30 pm – you choose the group that best fits your schedule.  
To learn more and to sign up please email Bonita Wilson at or call 865-693-9097. 


   Missional Learning Community

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