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If you have new or used Bibles that you no longer use, there is a need for them.  Rocky Hill Baptist Church has a Bible Dropbox in the back of the church parking lot. These Bibles will be donated to the Baptist centers or given to churches to take on mission trips.  
The church is Located at 7409 Northshore Drive. For more information, please contact Joyce Joseph @ 865-705-6363 or email at

Are you looking for a missions opportunity
here at home in Knoxville?

Project Knox has Several local churches and ministries in need of volunteers.  
If you are interested in assisting with any of these projects contact Bonita Wilson at or 865-693-9097. 
A Hand Up for Women – A ministry to be a source of hope to ladies with the desire and motivation to pursue a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Assistance is needed in updating their facilities such as painting a deck and grounds maintenance. 
Shepherd of the Hills Baptist Church – To better reach their community they are looking for volunteers to help with Backyard Bible Clubs, a Block Party and a VBS. Prayer walking/driving and/or passing our flyers in the community are projects for a ½ day, 1 day or more. 
Nations & Neighbors – Volunteers needed for a day, 2 days or whatever time you might have to serve. Opportunities are visiting ethnic restaurants and neighborhoods to engage people in conversations to learn about their culture while sharing Gospel truth. 
Montgomery Village & Western Heights Baptist Centers provide opportunities to serve all ages with a variety of programs such as Market Day, Kids programs and Bible studies. 
Camp Ba-Yo-Ca - Teams are needed to fill roles such as cooking, cleaning staff, maintenance staff, program staff. Sample work assignments may include set-up and clean the dining area, grounds keeping, help with Bible studies, programming for the camps activities, participating in worship and chapels, and performing skits.
Several churches have need of assistance with light construction projects for repairs and remodeling.  

The Financial Issues Facing Churches and Ministers 2019 seminar on January 10, taught by Gary Rickman and Deborah Taylor was really helpful to those who were able to attend. As part of the program a Powerpoint was presented. Here is the link:

The Baptist and Reflector is your state newspaper. Their goal is to share the stories of Tennessee associations and churches.  They want to be as current as possible, especially with obituaries. If a pastor or minister (either current or retired) in your church passes away, please let them know as soon as you can, and, if possible, send us the local obituary or provide the funeral home and they can take it from there.  
The Church Subscription Plan form that enables churches to order subscriptions for only $10 per subscription, is a savings of $5 over the individual rate. They can e-mail you a form and you can make copies as needed.  
Contact: Lonnie Wilkey,  615-504-2892, cell  615-371-2046, office

Tennessee Baptist Historical Society wants to help churches preserve their history and important documents.  We are grateful to these good folks for preserving our past so we can move toward our future. Their partnership may help your church avoid the loss of valuable and irreplaceable historical records due to fire, water, damage, or just neglect.
The Tennessee Baptist Historical Society exists for the purpose of helping associations, churches, schools and other Tennessee Baptist entities to preserve important documents, photos, minutes and other cumulative and special records of historical significance. We encourage the proper safekeeping of such materials using standard archival methods. We will assist church and associational representatives in writing church and/or associational histories by planning seminars, workshops and consultations
whenever requested and possible within the scope of our abilities.
Below is a link to the Church Historical Contact Information Form, which asks for contact information on one or more persons in your church, who may be designated to receive information that we may share in order to facilitate the purposes stated above.

           Church Historical Contact Information Form

Forms are to be mailed to:
Tennessee Baptist Historical Society
C/O Dr. Charles Parker
901 Commerce Street, #400
Nashville, TN 37203

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