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   Within our KCAB Network of churches, we have launched several Learning Communities that provide a space and structure to connect people who are aligned around a common purpose and eager to engage in peer-based learning.  

   A Learning Community is basically a group of people who share common goals and who meet regularly to collaborate and learn from one another. 

   As we continue to introduce Learning Communities among church leaders, let me make a few clarifications about what you can expect if you participate in a KCAB Learning Community:

  • A Learning Community is not another book club.  
    We do provide books, articles, and other relevant resources, but the idea is not to simply meet and discuss what we like and did not like about the reading.  We want to learn from what we read and provide specific applications that assist in personal and professional development.

  • A Learning Community is not another seminar.  
    We do learn from outside sources and practitioners who have guidance and insight to offer in the process.  However, we learn a lot from each other as we journey through the process together.

  • A Learning Community is not another accountability group.  We do encourage each other and at times hold each other accountable.  However, true accountability comes when we learn to trust one another.  This trust often develops as we learn from each other on the journey.

  • A Learning Community is not another seminary course. We do ask for a high level of investment and commitment to learning.  No one receives a grade – but we do realize that the level of “return” is related to the level of “investment”. 

  • A Learning Community is not another social club.  
    We do facilitate an environment where true friendships can be developed.

  • A Learning Community is not a “panel of experts”.  
    We do create an environment where “no one has everything to offer; and no one has nothing to offer”.  We learn from each other!


Come join us!  Learning Communities meet monthly January-May and August-November.  Call or text Phil Young 865-310-5305 to get started.

We launched our ‘Missional Learning Community’ this year.  This practical Learning Community will focus on learning and applying the principles of being on mission that our missionaries utilize on the field.  
Application will be made as to how we can use these principles in our own communities and context.
The book Tradecraft: For the Church on Mission will be our guide for this Learning Community experience.
The Missional Learning Community is held on the 3rd Thursday of the month (June, July, December are off months) with one at 1:30 pm and one at 6:30 pm – you choose the group that best fits your schedule.  
To learn more and to sign up please email Bonita Wilson at bwilson@kcab.org or call 865-693-9097  It's not too late to join in!



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