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Leadership Team

Leadership Team Strategies

  • Resourcing—we make available to you books, articles, podcasts and blogs that have been reviewed for you. These are available at the end of this webpage and will be updated throughout the year.

  • L E A D  Talks— We feature accomplished leaders who will share their wisdom about a specific aspect of leadership that God allowed them to use in their own journey.  Video reference for these Talks will be available soon.

  • The Leadership Journey—A year-long experience designed for pastors and church staff members to strengthen their leadership skills through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth.

L - Leadership

E - Equipping

A - And

D - Development

The Leadership Journey--logo.png

The Leadership Journey is a year-long “covenant journey” designed for church staff leaders who desire to discover and develop their full potential as a God-called servant-leader.
Focusing on the spirit, soul, and body, church leaders will be encouraged and challenged to grow toward spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical health in their role as a leader.

The Leadership Journey  will consist of 9 meetings over a 12 month period and will include assessments, readings, peer learning experiences, and other resources focused on the personal and professional qualities of leadership. 

The Leadership Journey will meet on the third Tuesday of most months at 2:00 pm. 
If you are interested in this leadership experience or would like more information,
please contact Phil Young at or (865)693-9097. 

Resources for Leadership Study

     Our Leadership Team has made various resources available to you that have been reviewed by our team to give you a broad range of authors and subjects that they believe are worth your time.

      Although they might not all be Christian writers, we believe that the content is useful in each of them to form a composite of various leadership guidance. 


  • Christian Leader

  • Leadership Magazine

  • Ministry Today

Journal Articles

  • Journal of Dispensational Theology - The Priority Of The New Testament In Developing A Christian Philosophy Of Leadership - Brian H. Wagner

  • Priscilla Papers – Church Leadership that Kills Community – Gilbert Bilezikian

  • Bibliotheca Sacra – Distinctives of Christian Leadership – William D. Lawrence

  • Bibliotheca Sacra – The Nature of the Pastoral Role: The Leader as Completer – A. Duane Litfin


  • Lead Like Jesus-Lessons fom the Greatest Leadership Role Model of All Time – Blanchard and Hodges (ISBN: 9780849900402)

  • Values-Driven Leadership-Discovering and Developing Your Core Values for Ministry – Malphurs (ISBN: 9780801065163)

  • Spiritual Leadership-Principles of Excellence for Every Believer – Sanders (ISBN: 0802467997)

  • The Book on Leadership – MacArthur (ISBN: 9780785288381)

  • Designed to Lead-The Church and Leadership Development – Geiger and Peck – (ISBN 9781433690242)

  • The Steward Leader-Transforming People, Organizations and Communities – Rodin (ISBN 9780830838783)

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