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A Beautiful Picture of Cooperation

God is doing great things across Knoxville. In transitioning to Director of MVBC, Tom informed me of an issue that the building had downstairs. There was a wall that with every hard rain would flood the floor in our clothing room. Tom had been trying to find someone to fix the issue, but the cost he was being quoted was tens of thousands of dollars. We began praying about the problem and had others pray as well, and what happened next was God’s hand moving Knox County Baptists to come together to meet and conquer the challenge that was before us. God put it on my heart to call Mark Hammond, a friend and pastor of House Mountain Baptist Church. Mark is a Co-Vocational pastor and thus a hero of mine. His second job is for a foundation repair company. Mark was able to provide us with a solution to our problem at a reasonable price. What I did not anticipate in the repair process was the amount of dust that would occur due to having to cut out a large section of concrete. The dust covered the clothes in the room. We tried to clean it ourselves and quickly realized it would take us a minimum of 6 months to do it alone.

Once again, we got quotes to clean and they were well out of our price range. But then God... you see, Tom was able to get Sevier Heights' disaster relief team to bring the laundry trailer and a crew to wash every piece of clothing. What Tom didn’t know was that I had scheduled Wallace Memorial’s high school youth to be here those same three days. Between the two teams they cleaned not only the clothes but the entire room and its contents. It only took a group of cooperating Christ followers three days to do what would have taken my team at the center six months to a year. This is a living testament to the great things that God’s people can do when we come together in association and cooperation. You also participated in this. It was through your faithful giving to KCAB that we could afford to make the repair. Thank You. Thank you for giving, thank you for serving, and thank you for praying. Eccles. 4:9 “Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor.” P.S. Thank you for the prayers for my wife and family.

Travis Henderson

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