It is time to enlist leaders, gather supplies and to prepare to teach children God’s Word through Bible Drill.  Following you will find very important new information.  Please contact Candy Macon, Regional Children’s Bible Drill Coordinator, EAST/SOUTHEAST Region at 865-803-3174 cell, 865-938-1163 home or rmacon@aol.com if you have any questions or want training.
 The approved Bibles for 2019-2020 are KJV (#005670783) and CSB (Christian Standard Bible - #005787337).  There are no changes in the Bible publications this year.
 The Bible Drill Cycle for this year is GREEN.   Be sure that you purchase the correct GREEN scripture cards.   Local Lifeway stores are closing but you can order items on line.
 Please note the following changes:  1) Name change from Regional to State Drill   2) A call may be said only once (unless child did not understand it or caller made a mistake)  3) Scripture reference required only once   4) No videos allowed for safety and security of children.  Thank you for helping to make these changes.
 The State Drill for the East/Southeast region is Saturday, April 25, 2020 at East Maryville Baptist Church in Maryville.  Please note the change in location.   Please mark your calendar and your church calendar with this important date.  Churches will be able to choose either a 10:00am or 1:00pm drill time.  Your Associational Drill needs to be held by April 5 (if possible) and State Registration information is due to Candy Macon April 6.

If you have always wanted to do some volunteer work for A Hand Up For Women...here's your chance!! We are in need of some meal providers for this year. You could take one night a month, (which is what most individuals or groups do) or you could choose one or more single nights to fill that need. We usually average about 20 people for each class night. If you are interested, please email karen@ahandupforwomen.org  This is a great activity for WMU, WOM and other Mission groups.

VBS Directors!  If you haven't sent your report to the TBMB yet, please make sure you do.  Here are three ways to do it:
1)   Report online at tn.sbcworkspace.com   (The church User ID and password will be required.)
(2)   Scan and e-mail report to Vicki Hulsey at vhulsey@tnbaptist.org
(3)   Mail report to: Attn. Vicki Hulsey, Tennessee Baptist Mission Board, P.O. Box 682789, Franklin, TN 37068

Truckstop Ministries--Help for the Holidays!
Each Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day the chaplains at Pilot and Flying J hand out bags of cookies (containing 3-4 cookies per bag) to the drivers that are working on the holidays.  Here is where you can help us.  We need bags of Cookies.  At Flying J we will see 250 drivers on Thanksgiving and 175 drivers on Christmas.  At Pilot we will see 160 drivers on Thanksgiving and 120 drivers on Christmas.  At Petro we give out $10 gift Cards durning the month of December as long as they last.
If you would like to make bags of cookies as a church project or an individual, it would be greatly appreciated.  You are also welcome to hand out cookies on the holidays.  Just let us know when you are available.  I will be glad to pick up the bags.  You can reach me at 865-548-3885 (Bill Irving).
We also covet your prayers and support.  You are welcome to drop by any of our services, and we are always looking for more chaplains
We have two chapels on Watt Road.  The oldest chapel location is at Petro's on Watt Road.  It is located in a converted trailer east of the Iron Skillet Resturant at Petro.  There are currently four chaplains that serve the two Sunday services (9:30 am and 7:00 pm).  One of those chaplains also serves from 08:00 am til Noon on Monday - Thursday.  During the fiscal year Oct 2018 - Sep 2019 we had 1274 drivers attend services or talk with our part time chaplain during the week and 7 decisions.  A decision could be a rededication or salvation.
At the Flying J location we have one service on Sunday from 9:00 - 10:00 am in the TV room.  Three of the chaplains that serve at Petros also serve at Flying J.  During the fiscal year we had 310 drivers in service and 25 decisions.
At Pilot, exit 398, I-40, Strawberry Plains Pike, we are located in a converted trailer next to the Medical Center.   Our services are Sunday - Thursday, One morning service on Sunday at 10:00 am and evening services at 7:00 pm.  At the Pilot location we have seven chaplains.  During the fiscal year we had 343 drivers in services and 8 decisions.

Do you have anyone in your church or community without medical insurance?  Please send them to one of the following clinics.  They do not have to qualify or answer questions to be seen.






7709 Westland Dr.  Knoxville, TN 37919
P.O. Box 11028, Knoxville, TN 37939



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