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Community Engagement

Bonita Wilson is our Director of Community Engagement, and heads up Project Knox and Nations and Neighbors, two ministries of the KCAB that are dedicated to serving our community and engaging the lost with the Gospel.


Project Knox is an outreach ministry of the Knox County Association of Baptists.
Its purpose is to assist area churches and ministries of the association in spreading the word and love of Christ through Christian ministry.  Teams are needed to meet the spiritual and physical needs of our region.  This mission opportunity will help to build and strengthen ties between fellow believers beyond your immediate church and community.

Where can we serve?

Camp Ba Yo Ca 

  • Facility Restoration

  • New Construction

  • Camp Maintenance

KCAB Church Support

  • Housing or Feeding Out-of-Town Teams:
    Our Knox County churches have the opportunity to serve the Project Knox mission teams by preparing meals: one meal, meals for a day, or meals for a week.  Some mission teams on a budget need a church to offer them housing and showers.  
    The fellowship enjoyed in these partnerships is a special part of this ministry.

Inner City Ministry

  • Food and Clothing Distribution

  • Mentoring of Youth

  • Community Block Parties

  • Bible Study and Worship

Church Revitalization

  • Community Ministry

  • Minor Construction Projects

  • Clean Up and Landscaping

  • Vacation Bible Schools and Backyard Bible Clubs

N&N logo.png

Nations & Neighbors is a ministry of KCAB to assist, encourage and equip churches to engage the nations God has brought to Knox County to be our neighbors. It is estimated that 30,000 internationals from 120+ countries live in Knox County. Many of these persons come from areas of the world unreached with the gospel and where it is difficult to have missionaries.  We believe God has brought them here so Knox County believers can share the hope and love of the Gospel with them.

Where can we serve?

N&N offers training and tools to churches and leaders in several ways.

  • LEVEL 1 MAPPING –  (online demographic studies)

  • LEVEL 2 MAPPING – (community survey, building relationships across cultures and beginning steps of evangelism and discipleship),

  • UNDERSTANDING WORLD RELIGIONS – Gospel sharing, strategic prayer for spiritual awakening and lostness


  • ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE – volunteer in establish ESL centers or start a new class in a new community – Partner with local schools to assist international students and parents.

  • INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS – UT has 1800+ international students and other universities in the area have significant populations as well. Connect with an outreach event or adopt a student.

  • CHURCHES WHERE ENGLISH IS NOT THEIR HEART LANGUAGE –N&N offers encouragement and fellowship for our leaders in our ethnic churches and assist with special projects.


  • PRAYER WALKING – join with others to learn how to pray for neighbors and for spiritual awakening in our communities

  • PRAYER NEWSLETTER – join with prayer partners from across Knoxville and the nation as we give praise for answered prayers and to lift up current needs.

Contact Bonita Wilson for more information! Office: 865.693.9097 Email:

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