Annual Church Profile

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Important Notes for your 2020 ACP:

  1. Continue to use the same time period that have you have used in prior years.

  2. Calculate any fields using an average (average worship attendance, etc.) using only the Sundays that you actually met in person. This will include Sundays after your started meeting again. Yes, this will probably show a decrease for 2020, but it is the most consistent and accurate process.

  3. Do NOT include any online attendance numbers for worship or Sunday School. You may want to retain those in your own records, but the high variance on those numbers will skew the numbers.

  4. Any fields requiring a total count (Baptisms, financial amounts, etc.) should include the entire 12-month period you are recording, including weeks that you did not meet or met virtually.

Total number of church members

Average number of persons attending Sunday (or primary) worship service(s) weekly. If you have multiple services, total all attendance.

Please only include average from weeks you were able to meet in person.

Total amount of undesignated gifts given by individuals. This includes regular budget offerings and loose monies from the offering, but does not include any special offerings or designated gifts.

Total amount of all money given to Southern Baptist and non-Southern Baptist mission causes by congregation.


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